New Year New Me

It’s an age-old saying and one that carries with it lots of jokes, particularly in the fitness context. Yet every year there are many that stick to their New year’s resolutions and get to their goals. 

New year is actually a great starting time, start of the year, festivities behind us (maybe just a little tired from welcoming in the new year though….). 

All the positive optimism, turning over a new leaf with the New year can get us looking at changing everything, we typically see this a lot, people wanting to 180 their lives and work out 5 times a week whilst flipping the script on their diet etc. 

Maybe this is maintainable for a few weeks, a month even but after that…… we all know what happens…. 

So how do we avoid the a-typical pitfalls of our resolutions? 

I personally think that change a few small things every month allows us to slowly introduce positive steps and more importantly bed them into our normal routines. 

A quick example could be that for the first month I’m going to eat a nutritious breakfast every day and hit 10,000 steps each day.  

With some very simple planning, this can be easily managed. From there things will start to move forward in positive ways with little effort, after starting our day right, we will be less likely to want a naughtier lunch, we’ll start to automatically walk more than 10,000 steps becomes our normal daily count. We could go on, however I think we get the idea. 

So going back to our successful New year, new me peeps how do they manage to do it? 

  • They create goals that are mapped out and usually written down (we have a much higher rate of success if we write our goals down). 
  • They use efficient programming, this is that they have a structured workout routine which they follow. 
  • They create a habit of exercising and gibe themselves the best chance of success 
  • They use all the tools at their disposal. 

We’ll be covering all of these over the next few weeks with some ideas and tips to give you the best chance for your New Year’s goals. 

If you want to get a head start, pop us a message on, and we can help to work through your goals and aspirations with you.