Class highlight – Fit and Healthy

Want to get some exercise in to help with existing conditions? Our fit and healthy class gives you a structured workout, that allows you to push yourself whilst ensuring we keep everything in check. The class gives you an opportunity to increase your energy levels, strength and range of motion. All levels are welcome andContinue reading “Class highlight – Fit and Healthy”

Class highlight – Boxercise

With its mix of cardiovascular, hand eye co-ordination, balance and timing, it’s no wonder that Boxercise is one of the most effective cross-training classes available. These high energy, fun and stress-busting workouts will get you working out whilst having a blast. Combining boxing combinations, core conditioning and footwork you are sure to burn calories withoutContinue reading “Class highlight – Boxercise”

Class Highlight – Kick Boxercise

Little bit of boxercise with some kicks added to the mix! Kick Boxercise is a great all-round work out that helps you improve hand/eye co-ordination, burn a load of calories and have a great time doing it. Improve your balance, timing and technique with our fully qualified trainer. Work all your muscle groups, whilst improvingContinue reading “Class Highlight – Kick Boxercise”