Healthy Living

Whether it’s a crisp winter stroll, a long dog walk with the family, housework or a session in the gym, physical exercise plays a huge part in living a healthy lifestyle.   

Health, Wellness and Wellbeing is a combination of a physical, social and mental state, exercise is a great way to target all three of these, you will have physical activity, attending one of our small group classes is a great way to socialise and exercise in general is a great stress reliever and has great benefits to help with mental state.  

Not everyone wants to run a marathon, cycling 100’s of miles or lift large weights! If you do though we take our hat off to you! 

Sometimes, especially in the current day and age, we assume that we should be doing this, that and the other to be of ‘average’ fitness – I’ve already given my thoughts on that so consider it parked! 

Getting outside, going for a stroll is wholly underrated, it’s available 24/7 open to everyone. Not only is it a great workout, but we can also use it to unwind, think over the day and keep our heart healthy. 

Stretching, so often associated with the end of a workout, it’s benefits for our body are also overlooked. Stretching helps maintain mobility and flexibility of our bodies. This can be used to assist us as we age and increase our performance whether that’s walking or resistance training. 

Being active is just that, active. Find activities that get your heart rate up and that you enjoy. We are much more likely to continue them if we do. Consistency is key and enjoyment will make it all the more easier. 

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