Fit and Healthy Circuits

Want to get some exercise in to help with existing conditions?

Our fit and healthy class gives you a structured workout, that allows you to push yourself whilst ensuring we keep everything in check.

The class gives you an opportunity to increase your energy levels, strength and range of motion.

All levels are welcome and exercises are adaptable to individuals to build up your confidence and endurance.

What if I cannot do some exercises?

All exercises have alternatives, we adapt to everyone to allow you to work a level suitable to you.

I tire quickly, what if I can’t last the whole class?

We understand that levels of fitness vary, our Fit and Healthy class have rest breaks built in, and these can be scaled to suit everyone.

Will everyone be looking at me?

The Fit and Healthy class is set at a quiet time in the gym, we also pride ourselves in having a small community with a maximum member limit.

We find this allows people to build their confidence, both within the class and using the equipment.

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