Pre and Post Natal Circuits

There are many benefits to exercise in general, including improved mood, reduced stress levels and greater stamina to name a few. Below are 9 additional benefits specifically for expectant mums and new mums. 

  1. Moving your body during pregnancy and right up to birth can help to improve circulation and reduce lower back pain and swelling in the legs and feet. This in turn will increase your wellbeing and promote better sleep. 
  2. By exercising throughout pregnancy, you’ll be able to minimise any additional weight gain above what you would normally expect to gain to account for your growing baby. 
  3. Learning to breathe properly to reduce tension in your body and connecting your breath to your pelvic floor will help to prepare your body for birth as well as strengthen it after birth. 
  4. Exercising in the postnatal period is about regaining strength and balance in your muscles: strengthening the ones that got weaker during pregnancy (e.g. your core, including the pelvic floor, back, calves and glutes); and releasing tension in the ones got shorter and tighter (e.g. chest). By focusing on good posture and alignment – and strengthening your body from the inside out – your body will thank you later! 
  5. Tuning in to your body and doing exercise that is good for it means focusing on low-impact, full-body functional exercises that gradually strengthen you in a safe and effective way. Doing low-impact cardio is great; running a marathon less so! 
  6. By attending an exercise class designed specifically for you and delivered by a qualified Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise Specialist, you can rest assured that you’re being well looked after. 
  7. Improving your mental health by taking an hour out to look after yourself. This will help you to feel better about yourself, which means that you’re more likely to be the parent that you want to be – and also enjoy the journey. 
  8. Meeting other expectant or new mums and enjoying the support of a group of women who are happy to swap parenting advice, share or laugh or maybe cry – whatever you’re most in need of! 
  9. Having an activity in the diary during maternity leave that is just for YOU will hopefully make you enjoy this precious time in life a lot more. 

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