The options we have available for Exercise Referral

If your doctor or health professional feels that physical activity can help with a health condition, they can refer you to join our Exercise Referral scheme.  

You can also refer yourself to Spike Fitness Exercise referral scheme if you have any existing medical or health condition, or even if you just need some extra support, guidance or motivation. 

Spike Fitness Exercise Referral scheme is the perfect way for people with health conditions to increase physical activity levels and improve health. 

We have dedicated Exercise Referral trainers that can put together workout programmes specifically for people with a multitude of health conditions. 

The Exercise Referral programme covers a huge variety of health conditions. These include asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, as well as depression and anxiety, osteoporosis and a range of other conditions. 

Our highly-trained personal trainers are ready to get you started with a variety of enjoyable physical activities to choose from. Being more active – even in a small way – will set you on the path to a happier, healthier you. 

Your dedicated trainer will promote healthy lifestyle changes, encourage you to start a suitable exercise programme, advise you on how to exercise safely and support you through the programme with any advice you need. 

Options available for memberships, Personal Training and classes or a combination. We can tailor packages to suit you and your needs. 

These will give you access to our facility from opening to 5pm and at the weekends too. 

Our exercise referral personal trainer will work closely to ensure you receive the best possible exercise prescription for you, which could include small group exercise classes, personal training where applicable and use of our fitness studio. 

We have a few options available: 

Fit and Healthy class on a Tuesday at 11am. This is a circuits style class, there are many benefits to a circuits class Improvements in cardiovascular fitness, Improvements in muscular strength, Improvements in muscular endurance, Increased social interaction during a workout, Increased adherence to exercise. . 

Fit and Healthy Membership. This gives you access to our training facility Monday to Friday from opening to 5pm. You will have a program designed by myself with your conditions in mind. This will be for you to follow when in the facility. This package also includes the Fit and Healthy Class on a Tuesday, we would recommend two gym sessions as well as the class each week.

Fit and Healthy Personal Training. This package includes 1 x 45 minute Personal Training session per week, 1 x Fit and Healthy Class access per week and a membership to come into the gym between opening and 5pm Monday to Friday.

For more information, contact a member of Team SF today.