Using all the tools at your disposal.

Setting ourselves up for success can take many forms, and with that, there are also several tools that we can lean on.

So why is it important to use different methods to help us? – in short, to increase our chances of success!

We looked at the breaking down and writing of goals, this can be taken a bit further, in that we could schedule our workouts in our calendars, this gives both a reminder and allocates the time for it.

Scheduling is a small but very significant part of overall organisation, ensuring we have the right options in front of us for those times when we may be less motivated. We have covered several areas before, so a quick mention should help jog the memory:

Pre-preparing meals and snacks, if we have good food options available, we are less likely to hunt out ones that are detrimental to our goals

Packing our gym bag or laying out gym clothes the night before, once less thing for the morning and a good positive re-enforcement of the action we are going to take the next day.

Coaching/Programming will ensure we have a plan to follow when we are training, much like scheduling our workouts into our diaries, having a set program to follow will ensure we are focused when we start training. Now whilst the program might have to flex depending on how we feel/perform, having something to adhere to will both keep us on track and give an extra sense of achievement when completed.

Recording progress is important, let’s say we are in a 2–3-week plateau with weight loss, recording how much further/faster/stronger we have become will continue to help us stay on track. Plateauing is normal, progress is not linear, no matter how much we would want it to be! All improvements count, use those as reasons to continue and not give up.

Ultimately, using all the tools available helps to make our goals easier to achieve, removes the likelihood of us veering away from our plan and continues our progress.

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