Performance Improvement

As we begin to notice performance improvements, be that travelling further/faster or that the workout we are doing is becoming easier, it can lead to the feeling that we should be doing more.

When training someone, I like to think of progressions once we have completed an activity at a higher level, for example, a speed increase over a given distance for a couple of workouts. This rules out it being one of those golden days, we all have them, and they are great!

Once we know that the change is repeatable, it’s important to adjust our plans with moderation, if we are currently running 3 times per week, change one of the runs to be faster/further rather than all of them. This allows the body to catch up, ensure we are getting sufficient rest and recovery.

Depending on how far into our training we are, we can then look to branch out and solidify the results we are getting. So, for running – addition of hill reps/sprints or splitting runs, so there is one longer one.

Supplementary work is key to continued improvement, for running we need to ensure our underlying architecture is sound, so perhaps some resistance work to help the ligaments/tendons and muscles to strengthen. If we were resistance training, then recovery stretching and/or yoga to ensure muscles are being actively stretched out.

We also need to consider how we are fuelling ourselves, as we work harder our energy output increases and ensuring we have the right balance is key to continuing to see progress.

When considering which route to take when increasing performance, we should be mindful of the impact this could have on other activities, this is where having a good lay out for the week is key.

A quick example of this:

MondayEasy run
TuesdayResistance session
WednesdayHill run
FridayLong run

There are many ways this could be setup, the key thing is looking at the loading, 3 sessions in 3 days which target similar area’s but in different ways.

Rest the day before the longer run, then active recovery on the following day.

As always, this will very much depend on the individual, the tolerances that have been built up and the target that we are aiming for, however, the story remains the same – ensure we are building up in a controlled fashion, ensuring adequate rest/recovery time and most of all keeping it enjoyable!

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