Muscle Gain

Why gain muscle? – what’s in it for me?

There are so many reasons to gain muscle, we could be here for days! So, let’s look at some of the tangible benefits:

Increased strength, I’m not talking winning a powerlifting competition, more along the lines of active daily living. Need to move some furniture, getting bits in and out of the car, carrying objects or being able to more easily get up and down from the floor, it goes on and on.

As we age, we lose strength, resistance training can stem this loss and allow us to continue with our lives normally, as our lives become more sedentary it is even more important to be active and keeping our bodies nice and strong.

Improved metabolic rate, not going to over complicate this one:

Muscle burns energy

Fat cells store energy

The more muscle we have, the higher our energy requirements leading to more energy being burnt from our stores, provided we aren’t topping them up too much!

Injury prevention, this isn’t just whilst playing sports, injuries can occur at any point whilst carrying out daily tasks and having more muscle can assist in injury prevention by supporting our bones, ligaments and tendons.

Increasing our core strength will assist with balance and co-ordination as well as helping to protect our lower back, which is crucial for almost all daily activities.

Increased leg strength can help with slips and trips, as we are able to hold our body weight more efficiently and counteract sudden movements that take us by surprise.

Lastly (for this article) muscle gives you shape, whether that’s looking good in a dress/shirt or a bikini/swim shorts. It’s an ideal scenario really, check off all the important points above and look good for doing it!

If you would like to know more about how gaining muscle can help you specifically speak with a member of Team SF –