Motivation, habit and training

Motivation gets us started and habit keeps us training, sweet, sorted!

We all know that it’s not quite that simple, there are so many other life events that can get in the way.

Whether that’s work, family or other things, it’s easy to get side-tracked and fall into the notion that one missed workout won’t matter and whilst in the singular this is true it’s the potential for this to become the start of a pattern that we should be aware of.

Some of the tools we like to get peeps using include:

  1. Scheduling workouts
  2. Pre-preparing meals
  3. Organising the next day
  4. Turning up

Scheduling workouts sounds like a hammer to a nut, however, having a dedicated time to train, and a reminder set will help make it part of that day and set the importance of it. It’s so much easier to skip something that doesn’t have a place in our calendar…

Pre-preparing meals for those times when it would be so much easier to just grab something from the cupboard because time to prepare….. We’ve all been there. Having some bits prepared helps keep everything on an even keel.

Organising the next day, having things prepared doesn’t mean that they automatically happen, but gives us many more chances of that being the case! – having to hunt around for your trainers makes going to the gym a lot less appealing than them being out ready, same applies to food as well.

Turning up, probably the most important one of all, so many times I’ve started a workout not feeling it, only to complete it and feel great, wasn’t anywhere as bad as I thought it would be.

Whilst there might be a legitimate reason for easing back during a workout, the large majority of the time it isn’t so much that we can’t do it, more that we are low key looking for an excuse to skip it.

There’s a chance that we’ve encountered some of the above, at the end of the day nobody is perfect, we aren’t looking to point fingers, more notice the trend and take action to correct it and stay (or get back) on track.

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