Managing Stress

We all have some stressors in our lives, these may come from work, our current life situations or our personal lives.

This article doesn’t seek to investigate each of these, or indeed suggest what can be done to ultimately resolve them, more on how we can manage and relieve some of these via exercise.

Exercise can help to burn off nervous energy and whilst it won’t remove stress, it can help to dial down the intensity of it.

Exercise can also bring positive points to your day, this might be completing a certain walking or running distance, a new record in a specific lift or even completing a workout that was scheduled.

Having a planned exercise window can help to break up the day, allow for some positive thinking time and allowing yourself to focus on your achievements.

All whilst:

Releasing endorphins, exercise helps ramp up production of these feel good hormones.

Removing your mind from the days irritations, completing a workout, playing a sport or concentrating on some stretching can help break the day up and bring back some calm while providing some extra positive energy.

Improving your mood, exercise can increase self-esteem, assist with sleep and help us feel in command of our body – all of which are affected by stress.

When using exercise to help manage stress, we should ideally choose activities that we enjoy, look to find someone else to do it with and schedule it in for the best results.

If you would like some more information on how exercise can help with managing stress, speak to Team SF