How Spike Fitness can help everyone

Being a smaller gym has its perks!

We can give everyone more of our time, understand each person and their individual needs, away from the hustle and bustle of a larger facility.

If we need to build confidence, trying new things is so much easier without lots of others being around, and as a bonus the other peeps are always positive and chatty!

We have Team SF members that are returning to exercise, or who require specific exercises due to injury or medical conditions, and we usually find some very inventive exercises!

Understanding where someone is starting is key, every member gets to meet a Personal Trainer to go over their goals and ambitions, prior to having a specific plan written for them, with a complete walk through each exercise.

For those needing support our Personal Trainers are on hand to deliver sessions, ensuring we get the most out of your workout, by pushing you that little bit further than you would normally, or ensuring that everything is done correctly through to just getting you into an exercise pattern and embarking on your fitness journey.

When we need to step it up a notch, we are lucky to actively support National, Regional and County level athletes with their training, through strength and conditioning, flexibility, and mindset.

We love having a wide variety of members and seeing their confidence, ability and fitness improve over time is awesome.

So, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, we can help.

To have a chat with one of Team SF contact us on