Health and Wellbeing

Staying active and healthy is something we all know we should do, so why don’t we?

There are many reasons, time, motivation, even just knowing what to do!

If we look at our day to day tasks, these have changed massively over the last decade, the last year especially. We have (in the majority) more sedentary jobs, we order online and generally spend less time out and about.

All of these create a compound of less movement, this leads to more inactivity. The less we do means those tasks that used to be easy become a little more difficult, more taxing on the body and can take longer to recover from.

Its not all doom and gloom though, we can get back to feeling fit and healthy and it doesn’t mean crawling out of the gym!

Working our body, inline with the activities and movements we do daily can help us strengthen and have a greater level of endurance. Following a program that increases our ability to perform daily activities and puts a spring back in our step!

Whether it’s skipping across the park with grandchildren, being able to go out for a long walk or getting back into a sport we played in our youth, we can help you build the fitness you need.

Making daily activities easier will give you more energy, improve your sleep, help keep you in shape and looking good.

Gradually building up your fitness doesn’t need to take hours of gym work, or having to work at maximum intensity.

Starting with a simple workout that you can build on will allow your body to adjust and adapt to working out, plus you’ll start feeling great afterwards and who doesn’t want that?!

If you want to improve your fitness levels, speak to one of Team SF and we’ll help advise you on the best way to get started –