Gaining muscle and losing fat.

Bigger muscles.  Less fat.  Leaner, buffer, bulkier, more toned.  Every body image goal out there comes down to managing levels of muscle mass and body fat.

We often see big differences between training programs based on these goals. We’ll see sprint intervals, low carbs or calories, and minimal rest for fat loss. We’ll see slow sets, high reps, and long rests for muscle gain.  

Pop open the latest ad on Facebook or Instagram and you’d be led to believe that every goal has a highly specific strategy for getting results. In a sense you are not being lied to, but success isn’t all about variation; don’t get me wrong variation keeps it interesting so to not lose interest however it is all about consistency. 

The best fat loss programs and the best muscle-gain programs are 80-90% similar than they are different. When we train, we move well first, then we get stronger. This happens mainly with big, simple movements. Compound exercises use multiple joints and a whole lot of muscle, providing the greatest stimulus for results. 

Selecting exercises or equipment is simple: Use a barbell for squats, bench press, deadlifts, and overhead presses.  Do push-ups, pull-ups, and chin-ups.  Row and press your dumbbells.  Swing, snatch, and clean your kettlebells.  Use a variety of single-leg or single-arm exercises to involve the core. 

The necessity of the human body to push, pull, hinge, squat, carry, and crawl does not change based on our specific goals.  Every program should include variations of these movements.  If it doesn’t include those moves, question it.  What is it missing, and why is it missing these movements? They’re the key for building muscle and burning fat. 

If you’re squatting, benching, rowing, and lunging, you’re slowly adding more weight or reps over time.  You’re smashing it.   

In a calorie deficit, you should be reminding your body to maintain or increase muscle mass while burning fat.  In a calorie surplus, you should be reminding your body to build muscle mass while minimizing fat gain.

“We move well.  We get stronger.  We eat to support our physical activity and our physique goals” 

This is true for all of us, and more often than not, we see results from that very statement!

If you would like more information on resistance training or nutrition advise chat to a member of Team SF, we would be more than happy to help.