Finding time to exercise

We get it, so many parties, so many extra’s going around at work and it’s the most hectic time for us socially. So how do we fit it all in? 

Small, frequent exercises that we can add in or use whilst doing other activities such as: 

Morning walks 

Bedtime stretching  

Making use of classes 

Getting our exercise in first thing will mean it’s ticked off and out of the way before the day starts and the tasks start piling up! 

Aiming to get 10,000 steps per day is a great way of keeping up activity levels without having to carve out lots of time during the day. 

Getting those closest to you involved, catch up over a walk or even do mini circuit together – just make sure to do more circuit than talking…. 

We’re not saying that everyday must be a workout day, or that you need to earn your Christmas dinner before you have it, more so, to help stay on top of our exercise to ensure we are able to get back into a normal routine once the festive season has passed. 

Having a plan to enable us to fit some moderate activity in will make return to normal easier, help us to feel less guilty about the extra food and keep that spring in our step 

For more information about how to stay active over the festive period contact Team SF