Pressing, jumping, lunging, carrying it has got a bit of it all!

During our bootcamps you will be working hard, pushing yourself to the limit – we do not quit!

Bootcamps come in all shapes and sizes, this doesn’t mean you need to be super fit to take part, you can start at various levels.

Do I have to lift really heavy things? As heavy as you can, this is about pushing yourself, whilst we have different weights, we’ll help push you to your absolute best.

Do I have to know all of the movements? Not at all, we’ll get you warmed up, show you any moves you aren’t sure of/familiar with and keep an eye on technique to keep you safe.

This is a class where ‘I can’t’ doesn’t exist, we turn up ready to crush it, giving 100% from start to finish.

Bootcamp provides a great atmosphere for team spirit, pushing each other to the limit and a joint hatred of the instructor!

One minute you are carrying a sandbag, next you are flipping a tyre.

If you are interested in joining one of our boot camps contact us for more details