Benefits of small group training

Looking for the extra bit of motivation to get fitter?

Small group training offers a friendly atmosphere, where you can share your distaste in the exercises offered up by the instructor!

Training in a group helps build confidence, is a great way to learn new exercises and make gym friends.

Taking all the work out of working out, you can show up, enjoy a training session that is pre-planned to get your heart rate up and work a good selection of your muscles. All whilst meeting like-minded people and having a laugh – in between breathing and some of those involuntary exercise noises that we all make!

Having an instructor to guide you through the exercises helps to build up confidence, ensures you are working the right muscles safely. Even better, you can then use those exercises in your gym workout, knowing you’re doing them with proper form.

You can even try something completely new without the worry of having to know anything!

With other peeps that help you push on through the session, you’re sure to get a great work out that’ll leave you feeling super good about yourself.

So why not give one a go, chat to a member of Team SF for more information