Benefits of joining a gym.

Wow, where to start on this topic!

Gym’s are bitter sweet for so many people, some love them and visit them frequently, for others perhaps it’s some form of torture!

Before going over the benefits, quick whistle stop at some of the worries….

We total understand the intimidation factor, it’s easy to imagine everyone watching the new person, judging the exercises you have chosen and knowing somehow via a telepathic ability that you are thinking these things!

In reality, everyone is thinking about their own workout, their own day, wondering what to cook for tea or if they should have skipped the lunchtime latte.

Now, it’s easy to say this, and reading the above sentence won’t magically make going to a gym any easier. What will make it easier is going with a friend, if you can go at a time when it’s less busy, starting with a basic program to let you adjust to the environment, the equipment and the people there.

Often once we’ve been to a gym a few times, we get to know the faces, then comes the headphones, in gym nods or the occasional chat at the water fountain. We’ve succeeded and been accepted into the pack!

To keep myself from writing a small dissertation, we’ll look at 3 areas for the benefits of joining a gym:

  1. Time to concentrate on yourself
  2. Improved fitness
  3. Equipment and expert advice

Concentrating on yourself – this can mean many things to different people, time to unwind from the day, allowing yourself to vent or spending time on your goals.

Setting time aside for ourselves is so important, it can give us clarity, improve our overall health and improve our mood, once we get to stretching at the end of course!

Improved fitness – going to the gym increases our chances of getting fitter, at Spike Fitness we offer programs for our members to follow, this allows you to switch off – well concentrate on form rather than spending time figuring out what to do.

Equipment and advice – wouldn’t it be nice to have a sweet home gym *comes back from the daydream* gyms have a variety of equipment to work your whole body, in multiple different ways.

Combine this with having experts on hand to help and assist will ensure you are getting the most from your sessions and that the machines aren’t referred to as ‘looks scary’ and ‘how do you even get into that’

SF offer a complete walk through of all programs and always have a qualified Personal trainer in the gym to help you get settled, for more information contact us on